Saturday, 8 June 2013

I'm saft ay I?

Accents have always interested me. Coming from the South, I always thought I didn't really have one - that I spoke 'the normal way'. Obviously, I was wrong.

Going to Coventry University meant that not only was I suddenly surrounded by people with a variety of accents, that in fact the southern accent that I so proudly held was now not the 'norm' - in fact it was quite the opposite.

Then I moved to Solihull, the outskirts of Birmingham - brummies all around me, and it baffled me that somewhere just down the road from Coventry could have such a different accent.

And then I entered the world of the Black Country. The strange and unique accent of Dudley and surrounding areas - the world of the 'yam yams'. Thanks to my boyfriend!

I mean, Chris' accent isn't that 'yam yam' like, he doesn't speak in Black Country dialect. Sorted! I thought I could get away with not knowing any, and not having to even learn any. Wrong! His family, his friend, people in local shops and bars all speak in this dialect, to me - a southerner - it's practically a different language.
black country dialect

However, as I am spending more and more time in the Black Country, and I am slowly able to understand the dialect, I can't help but think why is it so different and unique to other accents? They  have there own words, and sayings - and that to me is more than an accent.

So this is the Black Country that I have learnt so far, see if you can guess what they mean!

'I need yow to spake Black Country'

'Om gonna take the wammel down the cut'

'Yam saft as a bottle of pop'

'See yow after'


'I bay a brummie arm from the Black Country'



  1. Loved this post! I don't have a specific accent, I pick up everyone elses. But in Cumbria, where I'm from there is so much slang! My Yorkshire boyfriend doesn't understand much of it! :D

    1. Hi Cat! Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the post. I'm slowly getting my head around all these new phrases - when I saw my family at the weekend they said I was developing the accent slightly - uh oh!

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