Thursday, 27 June 2013

Recipe: Home Made Custard Creams

The weekend just gone I celebrated my niece’s 1st birthday and Christening. Whilst this is a big deal in any household, this milestone was particularly important to my family. You see, my niece was born premature at 28 weeks…weighing less than a pound.. 450g (less than a bag of sugar) and had to have a life-saving operation at 9 weeks old. As you can imagine, it was a tough time for me and my family and we had to take each day as a step.
Chris & I at the Christening

Well, Emmeline is now thriving and despite being tiny, is a very feisty and determined one year old. My sister wanted to combine the birthday and Christening celebrations and held an Afternoon tea party at her house after the ceremony.

Jumping at the chance to bake, I pondered over what would appeal to both children and adults at the tea party, and deliberating a sweet treat that the guests could pick at. I had decided to recreate a biscuit tin favourite, and settled on the classically British custard cream. I must say, they went down a storm – I barley blinked and they had all disappeared.

I made these butterfly shape to keep in theme of the party, but obviously you can have them the traditional rectangle shape, or indeed any shape you desire!

Apologies for the awful photo quality - I forgot my camera and therefore had to take it on my phone.

Recipe: Home-made custard creams

175g unsalted butter
55g golden caster sugar
55g icing sugar
300g plain flour
2 egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla extract

For the filling -
100g butter
150g icing sugar
3 tbsp custard powder

 Pre-heat the oven to 180C 

1. Mix together the butter, caster sugar, icing sugar, egg yolks & vanilla with a wooden spoon until all mixed together and creamy.

 2. Carefully mix in the flour a little bit at a time, until everything is combined.

 3. Dust the worktop with flour and form the mixture into a dough-like ball. Roll it out thinly, and cut into whichever shape you have decided on! If you want the traditional rectangle shape, it may be better to measure it out. 

4. Pop on a baking tray, lined with greaseproof paper, and bake for 8-10 mins (make sure you watch them as depending how thin they are, they could need a little less time)

5. To make the filling, mix all the ingredients together (I did this in the food processor) until fluffy, creamy and combined. 

6. Spread a dollop of the mixture on to one side of a biscuit, and sandwich together with another biscuit.

7. Dust biscuits with a little sprinkle of icing sugar

VoilĂ ! 

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