Tuesday, 13 August 2013

An Indian Wedding

The weekend just gone I was lucky enough to experience my very first Indian wedding. A Sikh couple that Chris knows through football/work or some jazz.

It was incredible! So different to any wedding I have ever been to before and I just thought I had to share my experience with you guys.

When we first got invited, the first question that ran through my head was what on earth was I meant to wear. We had been invited to both the temple ceremony as well as the after party in the evening and therefore two outfits to figure out were on my mind. I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow a suit from the groom's cousin - absolutely gorgeous as you can see, so I was sorted for the temple. If you find yourself in a similar situation and are wondering what to wear but do not have a suit to borrow I would suggest wearing a long dress with something that covers the shoulders as well as something to cover your head with.

For the evening I opted for a long maxi dress - I bought this beauty from New Look online for only £29.99 - next day delivery is a life saver! The after party definitely had a more western feel, and there were a number of non-Sikh's there which were dressed similarly to me. It's so easy for the men - they all wear suits!

Well, that was the outfit sorted. The invitation said the temple ceremony started at 9am. So, Chris and I did the very British thing of turning up at 9am on the dot. No one was there. We had to ring his mate to check we were in the right place - we were,  but apparently it was hilarious we thought it would actually start at 9am. Indian weddings are notorious for starting late, and we were told it would be at least 10am before it actually started!

The ceremony itself was actually beautiful. It started outside which is where the groom is introduced to the bride's side of the family, there is drums and swords and picking each other up. Then we went inside the temple for some Indian tea and pakoras - sooo good. They also had the Indian sweets on the table - it looked like fudge so I thought I would try some - tip: it's definitely not fudge! It really wasn't to my taste, but I'm glad I can say I've tried it.

Then we went into the temple where the actual marriage ceremony takes place. Girls sit on one side, and boys on the other. The whole service lasted about an hour and half - but it was very casual. You had guests walking in and out, and on their phones - one guy was even watching the cricket so obviously Chris was trying to gain a sneaky peak over his shoulders at the score (typical!)

The afterparty wasn't until the evening so we had time to go home and freshen up. We were told to be there for 6 so after this mornings experience we arrived at 7.. Again there wasn't many people there. Chris was just about to ring his mates when they turned up; and they had a little laugh and joke about 'Was it play a joke on the White people day'. They were surprised at how late it was starting too, so it wasn't just us this time! There was a lot of free alcohol, a lot of food and a lot of dancing - overall it was just SUCH good fun and if you ever have the chance to experience one then I definitely would :)

Sophie x


  1. Aw, the blue Indian outfit looks lovely on you, and yes timing is a unheard of thing, lol! xx

    Nahid Aley

    1. Aw thank you :)

      I love your blog btw, you have a new follower x

  2. Thanks lovely!
    I saw something about nutella on here earlier so will make sure I read your older posts in more detail this evening :o)

  3. The food is my favourite part of the whole thing. We went to a couple of Indian weddings when we lived in South Africa and it was amazing.
    The one bride's mother would send us big bags of samosas so we could freeze them and cook them when we wanted to. Man it was like heaven in a pastry.

    Samantha x

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