Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas Wish List

Does any one else find as you get older Christmas wish lists get harder and harder to write? Maybe it's just me; but I really struggled to come up with some ideas for my friends and family this year. This is pretty much all I gave them to go by! 

A few things were a given, like Despicable Me 2 which I have been wanting to come on DVD for ages; I am just so in love with those little minions! 

I also really love the Soap & Glory show and bath range so if I get anything from that I will be a happy girl. 

Lastly, how cute is the fox cake stand from Joules? I love it! 

Me & Chris are also quite geeky and love to play a board game on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon, so I thought UNO would be a great addition to the collection. Don't judge. 

What's on your Christmas wish list? Send me your links

Sophie x


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  2. I love new girl, zooey deschanel is just so awesome, I love jer, especially love her hair

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