Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Secret Santa!

As Christmas is officially two weeks away I thought I would put up a little post about the secret santa I took part in this year. Jess over at Dungarees & Donuts organised a blogger secret santa, where I got given Lucy at Cheshire Beauty (click on her blog to find out what I bought her!)

I had been eagerly awaiting a little parcel in the post for a few days, I love getting post! So was super excited when I got home from work on Monday to find it sat in my porch.

My blogger initially didn't reveal themselves, but after a plea of wanting to thank them on Twitter they came forward. I genuinely love everything they bought for me, and cannot wait to use it all - so thank you so much Molly.

I received:

A cute little 'Keep Calm and Bake Cakes' notebook which I will now be using to note down all my recipes that are currently on scraps of paper floating around the kitchen.

Some cake forks which coincidently I have been after for ages and could not find anywhere! (p.s. my mum also really wanted some, so is going to be super jealous when I show her)

A personalised wooden spoon - which is possibly my favourite out of it all. Can't go wrong when you give a baker a wooden spoon, but one that has my name on it is just that extra special!

A bath bomb, which I look forward to using this Sunday on my annual 'wine & bath night' where I just completely relax before the week ahead of me, the lovely scented tealight also included will also probably be in attendance.

I'm one very lucky blogger :)

Who else took part, and what did you get? Leave your links in the comments.

Sophie x

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  1. Bloggers Secret Santa, what a great idea! I'll have to get involved next year!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

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