Monday, 6 January 2014

#100HappyDays | A mini-challenge for myself


The #100HappyDays Challenge was spoken about at work today. Originally deeming this challenge impossible, I have now had a change of heart. I'll explain a bit more.

Basically, this challenge is to encourage you to see the little bit of happiness in every day life, to appreciate life - to be happy! You must take a photo and share it with the hashtag #100HappyDays - 1 photo, of the 1 thing that has made you happy that day - bought a smile to your face no matter what for 100 days.

When spoken about I said this would be too hard - that I could no way think of something different, that made me happy each day.

After reflection, that was stupid.

My life is GOOD, I have so much to be thankful for - and despite moaning and getting annoyed about every day life; compared to some less fortunate than myself I should be able to find a little bit of happiness each day. So hopefully this challenge will make me think a little bit about how lucky I am. And I am doing it for me.

So I have set myself the task. I have signed up to the challenge, starting today. Ending 16th April 2014.

I'll be sharing via Instagram but I'll also be doing weekly updates with my photos on the blog if you wish to follow.

What do you think to the challenge? Easy or hard?

Sophie x

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  1. Sounds like a great challenge - I would love to get involved but I'm not sure I have enough time! :)

    1. That's the point, that we should be able to find the time in our busy lives to have a little bit of happiness each day! X

  2. I'm going to give this a go on Instagram as well - I can't believe 71% of people don't complete the challenge!
    I'm starting tomorrow so the 100 days will be up on my 7th Wedding Anniversary on April 21st :-) x

    1. I know! Although I'm sure it'll get harder as they days go on. Can't wait to follow yours and see what you come up with :) x


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