Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015

Whilst browsing on Pinterest for a suitable picture to accompany the obligatory 'New Year' post, it made me realise that a lot of people feel like the start of January, and a new year, is some sort of cue to make a list of unrealistic goals to fulfil throughout the year. To change yourself.

I can honestly say I never do this. I never start a diet on January 1st (mainly because I am usually hungover and crave pizza and crisps), I don't sign up to the gym, I don't vow to read over a hundred books and I don't create a checklist of 'to do's' to complete by December, only to go 'oh sod it' after a week of trying.

Why should I change myself, maybe I'm perfectly okay with who I am.

2014 has been amazing for me, I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been and I'm hoping 2015 will allow me to continue this.

So my focus for this year is: to do what makes me happy

If that involves eating a large cake every weekend (probably) then who care's?!

Stop worrying about the what if's, be yourself and focus on creating that gorgeous smile.

I hope you all have a happy 2015!

Sophie x


  1. I've definitely made a few resolutions for this year, but when I look at them they're not anything new... I've gone for things that continue to build on habits from last year. But I love your thoughts on why do we need the need to change just because we're into a new calendar, maybe it's better to learn to be content with where we already are? x

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