Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Review: One Trick Pony Club, Moseley

So, Moseley (a small district of South Birmingham) has been voted one of the top places to live in Britain due to its trendy and cultural allure. If I could afford it, I would live there too, but alas I can't so I just have to be thankful I live close enough to visit the cool bars and hipster coffee shops that keep popping up in the village.

One place I had been wanting to visit for a while was the One Trick Pony Club purely due to the fact the Burger selection looked epic. You can have Monster Munch on a burger! So when my birthday came around and our friends wanted to do something, I gathered them all up and took them here. On a Tuesday, because it's 2-4-1 on burgers on a Tuesday (and even though we all have full time jobs, we still love a good deal).

The decor was pretty cool, think 50s American Diner crossed with a slightly hipster bar. Dim, low lighting, (Making picture taking hard, come on everyone knows 'hipsters' like to Instagram there food!) and long booths. Service was with a smile, although it's not 100% clear you have to order at the bar.

Now on to the food. (Also a quick side note on drink, I was told they had a good selection of beers, I stuck to my standard white wine spritz) We all had burgers, obviously, and as you can see below they were epic. A few of our friends had the spicy chicken wings to start (I didn't snap a photo, sorry) but heard they were good.

One Trick Pony Club Moseley

I just had to go for the Pickled onion Monster Munch, emmental & thousand island beef burger. I mean it's Monster Munch! The taste of said Monster Munch in burger was SO GOOD. The crunch (and yes it still had the crunch) and that pickled onion taste added something to the burger which was yummy. Not the best patty I have ever had but it was nice and the whole sha-bang made it mouth watering good, and I was actually sad when it finished. I wouldn't complain if they added a touch more Thousand Island dressing though.

One Trick Pony Club Moseley
Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Emmental & Thousand Island

On the side we each had fries (standard, not the best I've had but certainly not the worst), onion rings (which needed more onion and less batter) and fried pickles (I actually really liked these, although they were huge and two was more than enough).

They also do a 'Stairway to Burger Heaven' where you essentially can create your own burger, however you wish. A couple of my friends did this as they had a tough time choosing. I think I'll definitely be doing this next time (if I can resist that Monster Munch burger!)

When it's 2-4-1 on Burgers on a Tuesday this place is great value for money.

Some of the burgers my friends ordered, all had positive reviews:

One Trick Pony Club Moseley
The 'Waffkin' - chicken and bacon sandwiched between waffles, and drenched in maple syrup. YEP WAFFLES.

One Trick Pony Club Moseley
Create Your Own - Beef patty, cheese, bacon, onion rings, bbq sauce (I think!)

One Trick Pony Club Moseley
Hippy (Veggie) Burger with Halloumi 

Have you tried The One Trick Pony Club? What did you think? 

Sophie x

Note: We paid in full for our meals and they did not know I would be writing a review for my blog. All opinions are my own.

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