Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Being a Homeowner & Foodie Fun in May

It’s a weird feeling being a homeowner. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet, that the chair that I am currently sat on is part of a big, grown-up house that I actually own. It’s quite exciting, a new feeling of home – and it really does feel like that, I think that’s how I know this was the right decision. A week in and it feels like home, mine and Chris’ home. 

We’ve made a start on putting our touch on it. I am completely bored of the colour beige! Bright colours will be being introduced to our bedroom and the lounge immediately. The kitchen is ideal for cooking up some beautiful treats that I can share with you on the blog, perfectly light and airy for (hopefully) some great photos to accompany.  

But whilst the new house is taking up about 60% of my time, I’ve still found some time for some foodie related activities which I am excited to share with you. 

The Cosy Club, Birmingham

A new bar/restaurant on the scene, I was invited to the official launch party this month of The Cosy Club in Birmingham. Located on Bennett’s Hill, opposite The Lost and Found (one of my favourites) the d├ęcor in this old bank was amazing. As soon as I walked in I was looking around and in awe of the wall colour, the quirky decoration and the high ceilings.

After sampling some of their tapas that they offer at the party (the smoked, pulled chicken was my favourite, followed closely by the honey and mustard sausages), I was excited to learn they will also be offering brunch – which I will definitely be back to sample very soon. A perfect place for lunch, dinner or just a drink – we were sat in a cosy nook which was really rather relaxing. Chris said the selection of ales on tap was good too, if that’s your thing. I stuck to the white wine spritzers. However, next time I will be taking full advantage of the cocktail happy hour.

Foodies Festival, Cannon Hill Park – Birmingham

Although the sun wasn’t particularly shining, I had a great day out with Chris and our friends at the Foodies Festival. New to Birmingham this year, I do hope it will come back as I really enjoyed it! I love food festivals as it’s a great way to try new food and meet local producers. I did, however, think the ticket price was a little steep especially as you are paying for food and produce once inside – I did however enjoyed the local chef’s demonstrations in the Chef Tent and had an absolutely wonderful chocolate tasting talk with Coeur de Xocolat Chocolatier. We had to register for these at the start of the day, however no one was taking tickets for these so failed to see the point.

Highlights of my day definitely included this delightfully naughty, but delicious Nutella and Peanut Butter Calzone for The Original Goodfillas Company, a Cardiff based street-food company as well as picking up some great foodie treats – do check out Pig in the Middle, a Warwickshire based company, for some phenomenal sausage rolls! Other treats I picked up can be seen above. 

I also had a fish taco from Fish&. The fish and chipotle mayo was fantastic, but for me the taco let it down – I just didn’t particularly enjoy the texture of it, it wasn’t a soft, floury tortilla like I was expecting. The churros from Churros Susanna made up for this though, as I tried a few that my friend bought. Not greasy like I was expecting, in fact rather scrummy and I can see why the queue was long for them. 

Trying to eat less meat

Much to Chris’ disappointment, I have embarked on a ‘vegetarian dinners 3 times a week’ rule, to try and eat better, increase our veg intake and eat less meat. Hugh Fernley-Whittingston’s Veg Everyday book has been a lifesaver here and having made a few of the recipes now, I would thoroughly recommend to all – veggies or not!

I feel loads better for doing this, and Chris doesn’t seem to be minding too much – as long as he’s got food in front of him I think he will be happy! You can follow me on Instagram to get ideas for healthy, vegetarian meals if you’re looking to cut down on meat too. Pictured above is home-made multigrain flatbreads with refried beans, sour cream, avocado and a sprinkle of cheese and then Macaroni Peas with spinach on the side.

Sophie x 


  1. Glad you're enjoying getting settled in your new home, you must have been so excited :) Your veggie meals look so good, I think my boyfriend would have a breakdown if I tried to cut meat out of our diets, he won't even eat a side salad! x

  2. Yum! So much good food here. Congrats on the new house - that is so exciting! I bet it must feel awesome :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Happy house owning! It's so exciting, bet it's going to look fantastic! Now it's yours prepare for paint samples and furniture to take over your life! ;)

    Also that's really strange, I've been cutting back on meat as well, for nearly identical reasons (on top of cutting back on the food bill!) Can't wait to see what's see comes up with.

  4. Congratulations on your new home! Having your own space is so exciting. We are moving house soon (into our second owned) and the excitement doesn't lessen! I'm more excited this time because we can afford to do more!

    I really want to try having veggie nights but the OH refuses. Flat out refuses. He can't handle the idea of not having meat.

    B x

  5. Oh my goodness - Nutella and Peanut Butter Calzone...that's the kind of thing my foodie dreams are made of!
    I can completely share your household excitement as I recently became a home owner too. We spent a few months ripping everything out so we could start fresh and it feel's amazing now we are almost done :)
    I hope I can make it to the foodies festival next year! :) x


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