Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review: Rub Smokehouse, Birmingham

Last Friday I got my friends together and booked a table at the much hyped and anticipated Rub Smokehouse, which is new to Birmingham. Located just off Broad Street, we met in the foyer and got the lift up to the restaurant. I have never seen 4 men so excited about going out for dinner before, it was all they had been talking about all week. But did it live up to expectations?

As we were slightly early for our table we had a couple of drinks in the bar. I, obviously, opted for the cocktails and tried two. My favourite was definitely the Coney Island Cooler which came with candy floss! It was delicious. I also tried the Papa Don't Peach, which tasted like the peach juice you can get in Europe. It was yummy, but I preferred the Coney Island Cooler... probably to do with the gin that was in it!

Papa Don't Peach at Rub Coney Island Cooler from Rub

Boys said there was a good selection of beer, but some of them were fairly expensive.

After a few drinks we were taken over to our table and left to get settled. We all commented on how many staff there were, also they are all SUPER HAPPY. So if you don't like that overly, american, have a great time and smile approach then you won't enjoy it. However, they've just opened - I'd like to see if the staff are that happy after a couple of months? Better than grumpy staff I guess.

On to the food. There was seven of us, one a vegetarian so she was happy to order her own food. After a heated discussion about whether we should get a 4 and a 4 or a 4 and a 2 of the Hung Drawn And Quartered platter, the Northerner put his foot down and it was a 4 and a 4. When we ordered the waitresses smirked probably thinking crazy people... we managed to eat most of it though!

Hung Drawn And Quartered Platter Rub

Was the food good? In my opinion it was average. On the platter we had; buffalo chicken wings, corn dogs, beef brisket, pulled pork, sliders, a whole chicken and ribs. As well as 8 sides - we opted for a mix of all of the ones that were on the menu including slaw, cheddar mash, chips, hush puppies, onion rings and rice.

Selection of side dishes at Rub Smokehouse

I'll start with the good. I had never tried corn dogs and hush puppies before, but these were probably my favourite things and made me very excited for our Route 66 trip next year! They weren't amazing, but I liked that it was something I hadn't tried before. The pulled pork and cheddar mash were the stand outs for me, the mash being probably the best mash I have ever tasted and the pork being really tender and tasty. Unfortunately that's where the good ends.

The chicken was overcooked and tasted of nothing, the slaw wasn't even slaw and the ribs, despite the name of the restaurant, lacked any sort of rub or seasoning. I was really disappointed.

There are so many other great restaurants in Birmingham, these guys really need to step up their food game. I've heard mixed reviews about this place and I can totally understand why. I think it definitely depends what you pick off the menu but I can't help but feel this place is all about the style and mahoosive portions over the actual taste and flavour, and that just doesn't cut it for me.

I'd go back, but probably only for the cocktails (and the corndogs!). Sorry guys.

Have you visited Rub Smokehouse? I'd love to know what you thought! Leave a comment on tweet me.

Sophie x

Note: We paid in our meal for full, and Rub did not know I would be blogging about my experience.

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