Friday, 28 July 2017

Trust Your Senses Cocktail Tasting at The Botanist, Birmingham

The Botanist Birmingham

I love cocktails. Whenever I go out, I'm the first to reach for the cocktail menu, looking for new, exciting and unique ones to try. So when The Botanist asked me to visit their Birmingham branch for a blind cocktail tasting session, and the chance to create my very own cocktail, I couldn't refuse.

Arriving at the extremely cool looking venue located on Temple Street in Birmingham City Centre, I was whisked downstairs to The Plant Room for the blogger event. The Plant Room is a private room area which can be hired out completely, or used for large table bookings. It has plenty of space, and its own bar.

The Botanist Birmingham

After trying a few food items off their menu, which were all delicious, we got stuck straight into the blind cocktail tasting session. The professional mixologist created six of the new cocktails which feature on their new cocktail menu, and we had to guess their ingredients.

The Botanist Birmingham

So what cocktails did we try, and what were my thoughts on them?

Raspberry Disaronno Sour 
Served in a flowerpot this sour cocktail tasted of summer. If you like your cocktails sweet then this one is for you, and if you're not a fan of Disaronno then don't rule it off the list, as I don't usually like this spirit, but I loved this cocktail.

Velvet Green Martini
A striking green cocktail that definitely stood out amongst the crowd for all of us bloggers. According to our cocktail master this is the perfect drink if you're hungover and you don't like a Bloody Mary because it contains chlorophyll (which is also what gives it the vivid colouring!). The spirits included in this are gin and apple liqueur which gives it a refreshing taste.

Rhubarb and Gin Old Fashion
Not for the faint-hearted this twist on the classic is super strong! A bit too strong for me, but if you're after something less sweet then you'll love this. Gin stirred with rhubarb, black pepper and garnished with a grapefruit zest.

Pear and Kiwi Cup
Ever had a cocktail in a teacup? The Pear and Kiwi Cup was a super-sweet, but equally delicious cocktail served in a teapot and teacup! Amazing. Kiwi and Apple juice shaken with Licor 43, pear cognac, green apple liqueur and a splash of green tea (it is served in a teapot after all!) made up this cocktail which was far too easy to slurp down.

We also tried the Cinnamon Oregano Old Fashion and Grapefruit and Rum Punch

The Botanist Birmingham

After the blind cocktail tasting, we got the chance to come up with our very own cocktail (with the help of the professional!) for the other bloggers to try. My creation was 'Garden Fizz' and was made up of gin, blueberries, elderflower cordial, lemon juice, thyme, chilli and was topped with soda water.

The Botanist Birmingham

If you're into cocktails and fancy trying some that are unique and displayed extremely well then check out The Botanist.

B2 5BG

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the new cocktail menu by The Botanist. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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