Hello there!

I'm Sophie and I'm 27. I’m originally from the ‘sunny’ south coast – Bournemouth to be exact, but have been in and around the West Midlands for around 8 years now. I live with my husband in Birmingham, he is always getting annoyed with how many photos I take of food. 

I drink too many cups of tea, laugh too loud, and say some of the ditziest things. I spend my days talking about food with my work colleagues, my evenings on Instagram and Pinterest looking at food, and my weekends baking and trying the latest foodie places in the city. Basically, my life revolves around food - and I'm okay with that.

Here you will find me featuring recipes by both myself and cookbooks, reviews of restaurants I go to, and the odd lifestyle post. 

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Sophie x

You can contact me on svkeeling@gmail.com


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    I am now following you!!!
    I am exited to continue reading your blog.


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